A creative, design expert, Julia Christ is an Eastern Long Island graphic designer and artist. JC Design Studio (JCDS) is her online portfolio that showcases her graphic design projects, fine arts works, and more.

the standard

At every start of her creative process, Julia upholds a standard level of artistry. With each design she creates, she always strives to achieve a balance of beauty with message, minute details with overall design. The attention to detail with which she uses to craft her art is fundamental to her workmanship; that standard is always the driving force to her work ethic.

the designer

From a very early age, Julia Christ showed an affinity towards the arts. As a little girl, she could always be found distracted by the lines and compositions of even a pre-made coloring book. Doodles and cartoon scribbles has since transitioned into life drawings, charcoal portraits, and landscape paintings. This passion for the arts has led her into a devoted career of graphic design and fine arts.

Julia graduated from Providence College in 2013 with her bachelor of arts in studio art. She concentrated in painting with a minor in art history. Through that program, she further developed her eye for detail, her ability to think and speak critically of her and others’ artistic works, and her passion for a career in the arts.

For her collegiate senior year in 2013, she had both a solo exhibition, Memory Tokens, and two group exhibitions, for both of which she assisted in conceptualizing and curating. Voted unanimously by her professors for the position, Julia was the studio art editor-in-chief for that year’s art journal, Musings, where she managed student content, maintained deadlines, and helped design the 2013 senior theses magazine. Julia graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors and was awarded that year’s highest academic record in studio art.

After graduating from her bachelors program, in 2014 Julia was hired as a graphic designer by Communication Arts Group, an advertising agency then located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. In this setting, Julia forged her graphic design skills with hands-on industry experience, collaborating with coworkers and interacting with clients to create streamlined, impactful designs.

In 2016, wanting to move back to her native Long Island roots, Julia was promoted to the new position of senior graphic designer with Vertigo Media Group, a marketing agency in Bohemia, New York. In her current position, she has honed in on her all-encompassing knowledge of the graphic design field. She manages many different projects for various clients simultaneously, always balancing tight deadlines with integrity of design. She oversees and mentors designers, freelancers, & interns and works collaboratively with coworkers to develop creative solutions for clients. She specializes in digital media, designing websites, emails, and various other digital media on a daily basis.

In her spare time, Julia combines her love for graphic design with her love of weddings. Inspired by her own recent nuptials in 2017, Julia helps newly engaged couples create their own wedding design suites and formal invitations. She also continues her fine arts background by painting and drawing with many different media. But when she completely shuts down her computer or puts away her paint brushes, Julia enjoys going out to dinner and spending quality time with her new husband, Chris, their friends, and their family.