Chex 2015 Product Catalog

Every year, Chex Finer Foods, a specialty foods distributor, uses a full-line product catalog to assist with customer and vendor sales. As a third-generation, family-owned business, Chex celebrated their 50-years of business in 2015. For their 2015 product catalog, they wanted to highlight this milestone by featuring photographs of their family and employees throughout the many successful years of business.

The coziness of an informal family meal was the main feature for that year’s product catalog cover. With personal family photographs, a hand-me-down recipe card, and delicious food on a white plate, customers and vendors should have felt like they were receiving a warm invitation to join the Chex family table. The color gold, which traditionally corresponds to a 50-year anniversary, was prominently throughout the entire design.

Tasks for this catalog included cover designs, page layouts, typography, infographics, retouching photography, implementing an Excel database, reviewing catalog data for accuracy, and upholding document standards.

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*This is the personal online portfolio of Julia Christ. This work was created while she was employed with Communication Arts Group.
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