Crosstex DentaPure Advertisement

This print advertisement was created for Crosstex International, an industry leader in the dental and medical industry. The ad specifically advertised their dental waterline cleaning product, DentaPure. This design wanted to convey the ease and hassle-free nature of their cleaning product. The main image featured the usual method for cleaning dental water; tedious tablets would have to be used frequently to clean water. The dental chair was overwhelmed with how many tablets were needed to keep its water clean. However, with DentaPure, dentist or hygienists could essentially use Crosstex’s product once per year to achieve, clean compliant dental water.

This concept transformed into an ongoing campaign for Crosstex. The campaign included various sizes for print advertisements, mailers, brochures and other diverse collateral, and digital web banners and ads of varying pixel sizes.

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*This is the personal online portfolio of Julia Christ. This work was created while she was employed with Vertigo Media Group.
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