Crosstex New Website Advertisement

This advertisement was designed for Crosstex publicizing their new website that had launched at the end of summer 2017. Industry experts in the dental and medical field, Crosstex was overdue for a new website highlighting their great educational resources, available products, and company’s main mission of infection control. This site had undergone a huge transformation from their original website. Therefore, Crosstex wanted to definitely highlight this exciting change for them. At the same time, however, the company needed to reassure their patrons that they would still receive Crosstex’s same great services and products.

Graphically, the advertisement featured a large hero image of the homepage, showcasing the responsiveness of the website. The large image was paired with a red starburst to highlight the site’s “now live” status. Supplemental screenshots of the website were shown below the main feature to spotlight its best new features. Large bullets to the right of that outlined those new benefits that were now available on their website.

The advertisement was designed and modified for both the website’s pre- and post-launch date. It was used in multiple publications with varying dimensions and targeted messaging.

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*This is the personal online portfolio of Julia Christ. This work was created while she was employed with Vertigo Media Group.
Project details: