Merola Tile Truck Wraps

A tile distributor located in the New York metropolitan area, Merola Tile offers a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality tile for the home, the office, outdoor spaces, and more. In 2016, the company needed a new wrap design for their trucks as the vehicles distributed inventory to many consumer stores.

This design highlighted Merola’s numerous lifestyle photos and tile products. The many images were placed inside the same diamond shapes found in the Merola Tile logo. Passersby could appreciate the beautiful products and get the company’s website to search for even more tile products. The job required photoshopping happy homeowners into some lifestyle photos. The families could be seen interacting and enjoying their freshly-renovated spaces. Their enjoyment was meant to inspire real-life viewers to do the same. This design was modified to fit both an 18-wheeler trailer and a box truck.

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*This is the personal online portfolio of Julia Christ. This work was created while she was employed with Vertigo Media Group.
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